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Cinkciarz.pl app in "Mobility" magazine

Author: "Mobility"
Published: 01.07.2014

The Cinkciarz.pl mobile app has been featured in the July issue of the "Mobility" magazine in the "TOP 5" section as one of the five most interesting apps of the month.

Cinkciarz.pl is the first online currency exchange office which enables exchanging as much as 25 currencies at very favorable rates. Its offer includes three transaction systems and many tools supporting currency exchange. Anyone can take advantage of the exchange office’s offer, individuals as well as entrepreneurs. Cinkciarz.pl has opened accounts in 28 banks as a step towards its clients' expectations. Now they can benefit from currency transfers which are fast and free of charge.

Cinkciarz.pl offers the most favorable rates of 25 currencies available in its offer, what can be easily checked thanks to the currency converter featured in the app. Its virtue are amongst others online transfers, guaranteeing time and money saving. They also diminish risk related to cash turnover, such as receiving false banknotes, robbery, erroneous counting cash or losing it. The developer has given us many tools supporting currency exchange - currency alerts, transactions at the desired rate and other functionalities Transactions are executed up to 8 working hours. What's even more important, the transactions can be concluded 24/7.

"Mobility", July 2014

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