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CHF rate at Cinkciarz.pl

Author: taniefranki.com
Address: http://taniefranki.com/kurs-franka-szwajcarskiego-cinkciarz-pl/
Published: 27.08.2014

Cinkciarz.pl is one of the largest online currency exchange offices. It offeres currency exchange at very favorable rates, including the Swiss franc, according to rates presented below.

(...) The company is praised among the users compared to other online currency exchange offices. Opineo.pl includes over 160,000 comments on Cinkciarz.pl, out of which almost every single one is a positive one. Negative comments are a small number (currently only 16 negative opinions). The average score of the company is 9.4, which means that most users online would definitely use the company's services again. The company has received the following Opineo.pl certificates: “Listen to your customers” and “Q - quality certificate” and has taken the 2nd place in a rank of the online currency exchange offices.

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