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Bulls go global with sponsorship deal

Author: Crain's Chicago Business
Address: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/chicago-bulls-have-first-global-sponsorship-deal-with-cinkciarz
Published: 05.10.2015

The global recognition that Michael Jordan gave the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s is still strong, and the team is capitalizing on it with its latest sponsorship deal.

The newest brand in the Bulls' corporate partner portfolio is one fans have likely never heard of—nor would I bet on them pronouncing it properly on the first try.

It's a foreign currency exchange company based in Poland called CinkciarzE (say it: "CHINK-chash") that next year will open its first U.S. locationE at 401 N. Michigan Ave. It has signed on as an official Bulls sponsor in hopes of making a name for itself among Chicago's large Polish population.

With the seven-year deal, Cinkciarz becomes the Bulls' first-ever internationally headquartered sponsor with no major American presence—and could open up a new, lucrative sponsorship front for the franchise.

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