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Transactions from bank account

Order currency at the current exchange rate and pay after 24 hours.

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Transactions from currency wallet

Load the currency wallet and then exchange currencies.

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Social transactions

Exchange currency with other users.

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Select your model

Compare and select the way which meets your expectations.

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Tools supporting currency exchange

Standing order

Automatic purchase or sale of currency. Every month.

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Currency cards

Solution for travelers: EUR, USD, GBP and PLN cards.

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Currency alerts

Notification and/or execution when the rate hits your target.

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Direct Payment

Automated fees collection from your banking account.

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Text message alerts

Stay tuned with FX markets. Anywhere on your mobile.

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Online currency exchange reduces risk associated with trading cash.

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2048-bit security key

All connections with our website are encoded.

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Email authorization

Essential processes authorized with an activation link.

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Monitoring of the Bureau of the Inspector General for the Protection.

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KPMG Audit

We were subjects to financial, organizational and IT audit.

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Cinkciarz boosts user outreach to 3 billion by delivering app in 35 languages

As the online population grows, the globalisation of app interfaces is becoming essential. Cinkciarz clearly demonstrates that it understands this best by presenting its app in 35 languages - making it not only the most translated financial app in the world, but also the most universal app for currency exchange in history.

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How much money can be earned in each state? Two extremities of the American economy

In recent years, the crisis in some parts of the eurozone has been connected with the single currency area introduction, the uneven pace of economic growth of individual countries or the differences in wages. However, in the USA, where the integration between states is much deeper than in the eurozone, there are also huge differences in economic growth, wages and inflation - writes Marcin Lipka, Conotoxia senior analyst.

One day a year without a car. What if we did it more often?

Stuck behind the wheel, sitting in traffic, wasting time, losing nerves, at the same time damaging the environment by producing toxic fumes. And yet, it can be different.... Walking, cycling, using public transport - such a choice saves not only your nerves but can also inspire you to change your lifestyle. It is worth thinking about right now - before the World Car Free Day.

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Daily analysis

Afternoon video analysis 22.09.2017

A limited downward pressure on the EUR/USD during afternoon trading. The Swiss franc remains under pressure. Fairly good performance on the zloty. The EUR/PLN is trying to slide below 4.27. Odds for a lower relation of the franc to the zloty seem to be increasing.

Daily analysis 22.09.2017

The new PMI index records for Germany and France support the European currency. The EUR/CHF breach 1.1600 level. Theresa May's speech in Florence was important for the pound. The zloty was supported by comments of Eugeniusz Gatnar from the Polish MPC. The EUR/PLN close to the 4.27 boundary.

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  Please be informed that our services in the USA will be activated in the fourth quarter of 2017. Currently, our license applications enabling us to provide money transfer services, are being verified throughout the entire territory of the United States. Our company has currently fulfilled regulatory requirements in 30 states. Meanwhile, we are continuing to make operational preparations for the launch of our services in the USA. We will be periodically updating you about our progress. Close

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